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Marie’s Blog

The Fat We Eat Is The Fat We Wear!

The Fat We Eat Is The Fat We Wear!

Whenever I get this 5lb lump of fat out in class, members are amazed. Just imagine carrying that around all day! And imagine melting that amount of fat away – wouldn’t you feel so much better, and wouldn’t you look great!We’re all aware that fat is loaded in calories...

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We did it, so can you

“It amazed me that I can eat so much food, never feel hungry and still lose weight. The meals are all so easy to make. My husband eats the same as me – he enjoys every mouthful, always feels full and has lost 3 stone too.”

Maria Thomas

“I thought ‘slimming classes aren’t for me!’ But I persevered…..and it all clicked! The clear plan of what to eat and when – it was just what I needed. Go on, if I can do it, so can you.”
Chris Dyke

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