What do you do when you pass a mirror?

Do you suck in your stomach?

Look away?

Or do you avoid mirrors altogether?

Imagine how you would feel if you looked in the mirror
….and liked what you saw!

I’m Marie Griffiths and it just seems like yesterday that I launched Slimtone to help people achieve their dreams and lose weight easily and healthily. Now over 40 years later, I’ve helped thousands of women and men do just that.

With Slimtone you’ll lose weight quickly, easily and safely …and what’s more you’ll keep the weight off.

Imagine how you’d feel if you lost those few extra pounds.
Imagine slipping on that special outfit. Imagine what friends and family say.
Imagine never again being out-of-breath at the slightest exercise and being able to bend over easily to do up your shoes.
Feels great, doesn’t it.

Here’s what Sammi has to say about Slimtone….

“When I started at 19st 5lbs in August 2000, I was a busy mum of three small boys. I lost almost 10 stone and, through all the ups and downs of life, I’ve still kept it off! Slimtone works because it’s not a fad diet, it’s a healthy eating regime that can fit into the busiest of lives. It’s amazing! Thank you Marie.

Sammi Robinson

Wow! Over 40 years of Slimtone success…
When I opened the first Slimtone slimming class in South Wales in June 1982, I never imagined that Slimtone would still be thriving over 40 years later. My intention was to help people help themselves and achieve lasting weight loss and improved health. It was also to make it fun.
And that’s what we’re continuing to do now.

Together with our members we create an atmosphere that is fun but informative – no faddy foods, no special ingredients, no expensive supplements, just sensible eating plans and each other’s support.

Members all over the world
Now with members all over the world in local classes or online, Slimtone has stayed true to those original principles – giving you friendly and sympathetic encouragement, supported by diet plans based on normal food and the very latest in nutritional information.

I love what I do.
It is so fantastic to bump into someone or connect with them on Facebook and find out they are still enjoying a healthy lifestyle and that, thanks to Slimtone, they have kept the weight off. I still live coming to class, chatting on Facebook, sharing tips on Twitter and writing the blog. I’m always researching the latest trends in food and health and fitness from all over the world. It’s great to share new and fresh ideas to help members lose weight, reach their goals and be healthy.

Celebrate with me
Celebrate these 40 years of success with me and join us online or come along to one of our classes. What are you waiting for? Download your FREE 7-Day Kick-Start Menu right now.

Take a look at our Slimtone Lifestyle Plans for one that suits you. You won’t feel hungry and you won’t be bored… and you will lose weight.

I’m here to help you every step of the way.

It’s great to meet you,

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