Drifting back to bad eating habits?

Anita lost 2½ stone and is back in control!

Here’s how….

Anita lost 2½ stone and loves being back in control!

Anita’s story is typical of so many of us, things happen in our lives and our weight goes up. Here’s what Anita has to say about how Slimtone has always been there to help.

“My life changed completely when at 32 I had twin boys. I was busy, busy looking after my new family and, with no time for myself, my weight ballooned. It was only when I saw my photo that I realised what had happened and that I needed to do something about it. I joined Slimtone and got to target in time for my 40th birthday. I was so pleased with myself.

Events overtook me and the weight went on
For quite some time I maintained my target weight, then events overtook me again. I got a job working in a Nursing Home. It’s something I really enjoy, but working shifts meant a change in lifestyle, and with no time for class, I slowly drifted back to my bad eating habits and the weight crept back on.

It soon became clear that I couldn’t carry that extra weight any more. Running up and down the stairs was too much for me. I was always out of breath and just felt totally unfit.

I love the comments about how good I look
I re-joined Slimtone and have now lost 2½ stone. I feel so much better, I’ve got much more energy and I just love the comments I hear from other people about how good I look.

It’s a healthy eating plan
Slimtone is great. As Marie says, it’s not a diet, but a healthy eating plan. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive food – you can even have corned beef and have a really good, satisfying meal that helps you lose weight.

Like lots of people, over the years I’ve tried other diets. Yes they work for a little while then when you go back to eating “normally” you put the weight straight back on. And some of these so-called quick-fix ideas seem positively dangerous to me – you just can’t be getting the right nutrition and so on.

So much choice
Anyone can follow Slimtone . There’s lots of choices and Marie comes up with something new all the time. I love the fact that I can go out and still have a G & T, I just have to think about it and account for it during the day.

I’ve found that weighing my food to check the portion size is very important. I measure my half pint of milk every morning and then I know just where I am. The recipes are great too, and now that my husband is retired, he tries out lots of them – my favourite is the Basque-style Chicken which is really tasty.

And to make sure I don’t drift off again, I’ve stuck that photo to my fridge door. It’s a great reminder when I’m tempted to pick!

So supportive and never feel judged
Marie is very down-to-earth, never judges you and is so supportive. I enjoy going to class, meeting the other members and sharing ideas. Marie’s talks are always so interesting – she shares tips and recipes, and tells us where to buy different foods and also what offers are on at the moment.

Thank you Marie, Slimtone is fantastic and you are a true inspiration.

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