No more sitting on the side lines - now Lisa joins in everything!

Lisa lost over 4 stone in 12 months and is bursting with energy!

Here’s how she did it….

A civil servant who works partly from home, Lisa had yoyo dieted all her life. She lost some weight, only to put it back on, again and again.

“Christmas 2022 I hit a wall. My weight was starting to affect my life. I wasn’t going out, didn’t have anything to wear and didn’t want people to see me. My auntie had lost a lot of weight by going to Slimtone and, what’s more, she’d kept it off. I decided I’d better take myself in hand!

Although I was working full time, I had some flexibility and decided to make space to have an hour for myself and go along to the Slimtone class. I had very little expectation, so there was nothing to lose. After all, if I don’t stick with it, it doesn’t matter.

How wrong could I be…
I’ve never looked back. It has been really wonderful. I’ve lost just over 4 stone in 12 months – that’s about 1 pound per week, which is great. As well as losing the weight, I go to class and have met some great people and made real friends.

On holiday this summer with my two children, I got involved in everything, even scuba diving. That’s something I wouldn’t have done before – I was always that Mum sitting on the side lines, just watching!

In work I’ve got more confidence too. I stand up in front of people and make presentations – it’s made a big difference.

Slimtone just doesn’t feel like a diet.
I know I can sustain it long term and it’s so much easier than counting calories. It just fits into my life. The Spicy Parsnip Soup has always been a favourite, although I also really like the Cream of Broccoli soup that’s in the new Slimtone Soup Book. Another favourite is the Corned Beef Quiche – so easy and something all the family love.

Going to class has changed the way I think too. I know I don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time. The trick is to be consistent. I love going out and I’m no longer scared of social events and meeting people. I can do it all!

Give it a go!
If you’re fed up and want to lose weight, I’d urge you to just give it a go. Go along to a Slimtone class once and you’ll definitely go back! It’s not just about the Lifestyle Plan, it’s the amazing support you get from everyone. I love it and I’m proof that it works!

If you want to lose weight like Lisa, why not come along to one of our classes, you’ll be glad you did. There are classes all over the Bridgend area, check out what’s most convenient for you here.

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