No time to sit on the settee, I've got a hectic social life!

Nicola lost 6 stone and has never felt better!

Here’s how….

Civil Servant Nicola has lost 6 stone, even with a busy job that takes her all over South Wales, and has never felt better

Busy life, no time to think about food
With such a busy job and doing so much travelling, I was grabbing food whenever I could, and the weight was piling on. My blood pressure was also quite high, and I definitely didn’t want to go onto permanent medication. I knew I had to lose weight.

No more ups and downs
I’d tried other weight loss classes before. Although I’d lost weight, I soon put it back on again. This time I wanted something more sustainable – I wanted to make a lifestyle change.

My family suggested that I join Slimtone. My brother, sister and Mum had all lost weight with Slimtone and had found it really good. Now it was my turn.

Fantastic resources and support
The resources that Marie offers through Slimtone are fantastic. There are so many recipes in the Lifestyle Plan and there’s always something that you fancy. I like the Facebook page too – although I don’t post very much myself, it’s really helpful to see what other people are eating and to pick up their tips and ideas. The weekly class is excellent. It’s so much more than simply a weigh-in. Marie is so inspirational. She always has such good advice and loads of new ideas, information about new products and encouragement to try different things.

Very discrete – never feel embarrassed
You never feel bad or embarrassed when you weigh either. It is all very discrete. Marie and everyone in the class is so supportive. It’s always onwards and upwards and about what you CAN do not what you did.

The Corned Beef Quiche is one of my long-term favourites. I also like the Potato-topped Chicken Pie and the Spicy Parsnip Soup. I like trying out different things too and am always adding to my selection of meals.

It’s a marathon not a sprint
If, like me, you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, think of it as a marathon and not a sprint. I lost 5 stone in a year, but this last stone has been much slower and probably taken about a year too. I’ve just kept at it and gradually that weight has disappeared.

So much energy, I’m always out and about!
I’ve got so much more energy now – more get up and go! I used to just sit on the settee when I got home from work, now I’ve got a hectic social life and am always out with friends – I’m never not doing something. I’m more outward going, feel much healthier in myself and, of course, I’m eating much better food.


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