No more hiding from the camera, now we're the ones grabbing the limelight!

Becca and Debbie lost over 6 stone between them in just 12 months and are thrilled!

Here’s how they did it….

Becca, a teaching assistant, and her Mum, Debbie, have lost over 6 stone between them since January 2022!

Becca says, “When I looked at family photos from Christmas 12 months ago, I was amazed at how much weight I’d put on. I went along to Slimtone with my Mum and it just works for me. I’m never hungry and look forward to my meals. I’ve got more confidence and can wear anything I want. This year’s Christmas photos look great and neither of us will be hiding from the camera anymore!”

Becca continues, “I put on loads of weight during lockdown – I felt really down-in-the-dumps and didn’t want to dress up. I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d put on until I looked at those Christmas photos! I knew I had to do something to get myself together.

Mum had tried all sorts of diets and classes and then found Slimtone. It seemed just right for us and was so convenient. We went along together and all I can say is Slimtone works for us. There are so many meals that you can have. Just open the Lifestyle Plan to any page and, with straight-forward, ordinary ingredients, you can cook a quick and nutritious meal.

I’m never hungry and look forward to my meals. Parsnip soup is my favourite. I also love jacket potatoes and have so many choices for toppings, I never get bored.

Going to class is great too. We get ideas from other members as well as the great ideas from Marie and the weekly talk. We come to class every week and get so much encouragement. It would be so easy to sit in the house and eat and feel sorry for myself. Now I focus on Tuesday, coming along to Slimtone and catching up with everyone.

I have so much more confidence now and can wear whatever outfits I want. Instead of hiding away from the camera, I’m now the one to say “Shall we have a photo!”

As well as going along to class with Mum, Gran comes too and my partner has joined in! As the weight comes off, lots of people are commenting and asking about Slimtone. It’s great!

Becca’s Mum Debbie likes the fact that the calories are all counted for you. “It’s great for me to have “spare” calories at the end of the day for treats! I particularly like chocolate and can still fit that in to my diet – and I don’t feel as if I am cheating.

“After lockdown it was a real struggle to go back to work and get into my suits and work clothes! Slimtone has been great and the support from everyone in the class is so positive. We’re all in the same boat – and there are no “gym bunnies” here. You always feel comfortable and chat about all sorts of things.

Marie is so positive. She recognises everyone as an individual and has a real understanding of your lifestyle and what you are going through. That is such a confidence-booster!

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