I used to hide under baggy tops, now I love having my photo taken in tight jeans!

Emma lost 2 stone and loves being able to wear fitted clothes!

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Emma lost 2 stone and loves being able to wear fitted clothes!

“I hated the fact that my clothes didn’t fit, my legs rubbed together and I just didn’t feel good. I knew I needed to do something about it, so I joined Slimtone in June last year.

My Mum had been coming to Slimtone for quite some time. She’d lose weight, then stop going to class and put weight back on. When that happened, she would be back to class and off the weight would come. I knew Slimtone worked and I also knew how much Mum enjoyed the classes and Marie’s support. This was going to work for me too!

The support and encouragement you get from Marie is great. The weekly talks are so helpful and I love meeting the girls in class too – everyone has little tips that have worked for them and I often try them for myself.

My biggest tip for anyone wanting to lose weight is to make sure you drink the water. Also plan your meals. That really is my biggest tip for success. It works for me – if I don’t plan, I don’t know where I am and end up picking all the time. Planning what we’re going to have throughout the week makes things so much easier.

One of my favourite recipes is the Oriental Pork, it’s so quick and easy and my husband loves it too!

Now that I’ve lost 2 stone, I feel so much more comfortable. No more hiding under baggy tops, now I can wear more fitted clothes and tuck my tops into skinny jeans! I feel so much more confident and love having my photo taken!

Marie always makes you feel so good about yourself, even if you have strayed a little! I’d recommend to everyone to come to class, it really does help. I know I wouldn’t ever have done it on my own!

If you want to get back into those fabulous clothes like Emma, why not come along to one of our classes, you’ll be glad you did. There are classes all over the Bridgend area, check out what’s most convenient for you here.

And if you don’t live in the area, try one of our online packages and join hundreds of people who’ve lost weight online with Slimtone.

Doesn’t Emma look fantastic! You can too with our Slimtone Lifestyle Plan. Come and join us – I’d love to see you in class or online and look forward to helping you to look fab, feel great and enjoy a healthy lifestyle too.

Marie x

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