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Slimtone Lifestyle Plan (Online Version for download)

The Slimtone Lifestyle Plan has been specially designed to provide balanced healthy eating without leaving you feeling deprived.

It has everything you need for healthy and permanent weight loss.

  • 4 pre-planned weekly menus and over 150 delicious recipes
  • A Weekly Planner and Food Diary – the key to success is “when you bite it, write it”
  • A Shopping Guide to help you plan your week – invaluable in these testing times
  • A Personal Progress Chart – it’s great to see the inches, as well as the weight, melting away.

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Hardcopy book                                      £6.49           Add to basket

“Slimtone is great. As Marie says, it’s not a diet, but a healthy eating plan. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive food – you can even have corned beef and have a really good, satisfying meal that helps you lose weight.”
Anita Lawler