I'm thrilled I can get into all the clothes in my wardrobe!

Beth lost 2 stone and is back in control!

Here’s how….

Working in the hospital and a busy Mum, Beth has lost 2 stone and now has a wardrobe full of clothes that fit!

“I was stood in the bedroom looking at a wardrobe full of clothes that just didn’t fit – and I was determined that I wasn’t going to go out and spend money on more clothes. I knew I had to do something about it.

If they’re all laughing, it can’t be too bad!
I work in the Princess of Wales hospital and whenever I popped into Sainsbury’s to do my shopping, I saw the Slimtone posters and this group of people having a really good time. I thought, if they’re all laughing, it can’t be too bad, so I went along. Right from that first night, I felt at home. I didn’t know anyone, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and I now have a great group of friends. We share ideas and recipes, and as well as meeting in class every week, we also go out together!

Marie’s always ready with answers, ideas and encouragement
Marie is amazing too. You can ask her anything you want at anytime and she’s always ready with an answer, ideas and encouragement. You really HAVE to come to class, not just to weigh, but to stay and listen to the talk afterwards. I was determined that once I’d lost weight I would continue to come. I haven’t missed a week and I’ve stayed at my target weight now for 40 weeks!

The Facebook group is good too. Members share lots of recipes and I’ve tried out quite a few.

Pasta and Pizza – can you believe it!
One of my favourite Slimtone meals is the ham and mushroom tagliatelle, it’s tasty and filling – you certainly don’t think you are on a diet! I also love it on a Saturday night when everyone in my family is having a pizza, I can too. I have a tortilla wrap as the base and choose my topping – it’s so easy. That’s something else I like about Slimtone – I can cook the same for all the family, they have a little more than I do, but I don’t have to do anything special for me.

Here’s my top tips
There are a few things that I’ve found very helpful – first, as I’ve already said, stay to class. Marie’s talks are very interesting, and she always has new ideas. It’s also fun being with everyone else, as they have ideas and tips too and we have a great laugh. I’d also urge you to make sure you drink the water – it does make a difference. And weigh your portions – if you just guess, I’ll guarantee you’ll be “just a little bit more”. I also found it really helpful to write everything down, that way I kept track of what I’d eaten every single day.

It’s good, tasty, ‘proper’ food
I am so pleased that I joined Slimtone. I’ve got a great group of new friends, I eat good, tasty, ‘proper’ food, I feel so much fitter AND I’m thrilled that I can now get into all the clothes in my wardrobe. I even wore that lovely little black dress at Christmas – I felt amazing!

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