Yes, that’s right, Slimtone is celebrating our 41st anniversary! And we had so much fun!

Last year, our 40th anniversary was a real landmark and we celebrated big style! But 41 years in business is a great achievement, so on with the party frocks and off we go again with a summer party.

Members from all our classes joined us for a night of celebration – great food, lots of dancing and an enormous, Slimtone-friendly helping of fun and laughter! As ever, Team Ogmore led the way with their Beach Party theme.

41 years ago when that first class opened in Pontycymer, I never imagined that Slimtone would still be thriving in 2023. Over all those years we’ve helped people to help themselves achieve lasting weight loss and improved health. We’ve also had lots and lots of fun.

No judgement, no nagging, just straight-forward, sound advice that’s easy-to-follow. If you want to lose a few pounds, or even more, come and join us. Choose the class that’s most convenient for you and you’ll have a warm Slimtone welcome! (Sunglasses optional!)


See you soon!

Marie x