Here we are at the start of a New Year! At least the sun is shining now after all that horrid rain. And there’s more to make you smile too. This week we’re launching our new book in all our Slimtone classes. A brand new supplement to the Lifestyle Plan – let me introduce the Slimtone Lifestyle Plan Extra!

Packed full of completely new content, there are more than 20 pages of recipes, ideas, hints and tips. The all-new recipes pick up on today’s food preferences and eating patterns, so you can just dip in and try out what takes your fancy!  Just like in the Lifestyle Plan, I’ve taken the guesswork out of losing weight. Everything is colour coded to make it easy to find Breakfasts, Light Meals, Main Meals and Snacks or Treats. And, of course, you can swap the meals around to have at any time of day to cater for the way you live your life.

Once again, it has been especially designed to provide balanced healthy eating without leaving you feeling deprived, bored or hungry! The Lifestyle Plan Extra is based on the latest nutritional guidelines, calorie counted and the nutrition balanced so that you get all the goodness you need. You don’t need to spend your precious time working things out. As I always say, Slimtone isn’t about calorie counting but about calories that count!

With the increasing popularity of air fryers, I’ve included a brand new section on making the most of your air fryer. I know this will be welcomed by many of our members who use their air fryers as a quick and easy way to cook food.

And with so many of us watching the pennies, there’s a fully updated section on store cupboard essentials. This is ideal for those moments when you want something quick, easy and tasty from the ingredients you’ve already got in the cupboard.

The Lifestyle Plan is the mainstay of all that we do at Slimtone and this new Lifestyle Plan Extra is a great supplement. From this week and throughout January, everyone who comes to a Slimtone class gets a free copy of the Lifestyle Plan Extra – that includes current members, new members and those returning to us after a break. There’s a warm welcome for everyone as well as loads of encouragement and laughter! Check out our classes here – which one is most convenient for you?

I look forward to seeing you soon and helping you to enjoy a steady, healthy and permanent weight loss.

Marie x