We’re seeing some great achievements in all our classes – 2024 is definitely the year for successful weight loss. Alison, Sandra and Cerid in our Friday morning class at the Caeffatri in Bridgend were delighted with their weight losses. All three have lost one stone in just 3 months! That’s a steady loss every single week and it soon mounts up, doesn’t it!

You can do it too. The Slimtone Lifestyle Plan has been specially designed with everything you need to lose weight – delicious menus to suit every taste, all calorie-counted and nutritionally-balanced so that you get the goodness you need. We take the guesswork out of losing weight. As I always say, Slimtone isn’t about calorie counting but about calories that count! 

Simply follow the plan and remember the 3 Ws:

  • Weigh your food – it’s no good guessing, make sure your portion control is spot on
  • Write it down – and that means EVERYTHING! It really helps to see it in black and white!
  • Water – drink six to eight glasses of water every day to stay well hydrated

Follow these 3 Ws and you’ll be a Winner too!

If you want to be a winner like Alison, Sandra and Cerid, why not come along to one of our classes. There are classes all over the Bridgend area, check out what’s most convenient for you here.

I know you’ll be glad you did.

See you soon,
Marie x