2023 was a great year for Slimtone – we had some fantastic weight losses in all our classes. I’m sure we will be just as successful in 2024.
Here are some of our stand-out successes!

Susan in the Garw class has lost over 7 stone with Slimtone! “I feel great having lost this weight. I’m so much better health-wise. I can play with my grandchildren and also buy nice clothes. Going to class is really important for me. It keeps me on track and there’s always lots of help and advice.”

Martin goes to the Danymynydd class and has lost over 4 stone. “Slimtone has made a huge difference in my life. When I first joined, my health was very poor – I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and suffered from type two diabetes. Now my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal and I’ve reversed my diabetes! It’s all down to the healthy lifestyle plans from Slimtone and the support and encouragement from Marie and Sue, as well as everyone in the class. I’m focused and on track for a great 2024!”

Lisa has lost over 4 stone in just 12 months. “I joined Slimtone with very little expectation, but how wrong could I be! I lost around 1 pound per week, which doesn’t sound like much, but has added up to over 4 stone in a year. I feel fantastic and get involved in all sorts of things I would never have done before. Slimtone doesn’t feel like a diet, it really does fit into my life and I know that I can sustain it long term. I love going to class and have made some great friends.”

I hope you find these stories as inspiring as I do. Well done to everyone, it is a fantastic achievement. You can read more about Lisa, Susan and Martin and their success stories here – we’re always adding more.

 Wouldn’t it be great if YOU were featured in one our future posts during 2024!

If you want to lose weight, why not come along to one of our classes. There are classes all over the Bridgend area, check out what’s most convenient for you here.

 Lisa proves that the steady approach of losing just 1 pound every week really does work. That means that by the summer you can be 2 stone lighter or by Christmas have lost 4 stone.  Why not come along next week – you’ll be glad you did.

See you soon,
Marie x