Now that Bonfire Night has come and gone, many of us are turning our thoughts to Christmas. Do you know it is just 6 weeks away this coming Sunday! You’re probably starting to really focus on getting organised. We’re great at planning what presents and food we’ll need for family and friends, but not so good at thinking of ourselves.

Add to that the fact that the shops are bursting with all sorts of goodies – and all those temptations can make it harder to keep your weight loss on track. Maybe you’re thinking that you’ve run out of time to lose those extra pounds or maybe you’re starting to drift away from your Lifestyle Plan. Well Slimtone is here to help!

I’ve put my thinking cap on and devised a brand new 6-week Countdown to Christmas plan. Every week between now and Christmas there’ll be suggestions and ideas about how to stay on the straight and narrow to help ensure you maintain your healthy eating all the way up to the big day!

Launched this week in every class, the first talk is about buying our treats early. It’s all about planning – remember the Slimtone motto “Failing to plan is planning to fail! With sensible choices we can enjoy the Christmas break and still keep on track.

It’s not just about losing pounds either. We’re all feeling the pinch with grocery bills going up. Our Countdown to Christmas ideas can help your pocket too. By planning ahead, it makes it much easier when you go shopping and you are less likely to but things you don’t need. Kinder on your waistband and kinder on your pocket too!

There’s no better time to get started than right now! Give yourself the gift of a slimmer, healthier new you for Christmas – it really is the very best gift around, for you and your loved ones.

Come along to class – they’re all across the area, so I’m sure there’s a day and time to suit you. Check them out here. You know you’ll always have a warm welcome and lots of fun and laughter!

Start your Countdown to Christmas now,
Marie x