The sun is shining and the weather forecast is set for pretty good weather, so ice cream is sure to be a favourite.

You can still enjoy one of your favourites as a treat IF you choose one of the low-calorie options on our list. Of course, if you’ve indulged in a Magnum, no problem, simply go for a brisk walk for an hour, skip for 25 minutes or try cycling for 35 minutes!

Instead of buying a ready-made ice cream or lolly, why not make your own dessert. Slimtone pancakes are simple and fun to prepare and are delicious with a scoop of Walls Soft Scoop Light ice cream. (Remember to always choose the Light variety – you really do save on the calories!)

Or try one of these tasty recipes as a special summer treat.

Grilled Peaches with Ice-Cream
Serves 1 – approx 100 cals per serving

Grill a halved and stoned peach. Serve with portion of Walls Soft Scoop Light ice cream in the centre and decorate with 2 or 3 raspberries and a sprig of mint. 

Sunshine Super Berry Jellies
Serves 4 – approx 50 cals per serving
1 sugar free raspberry jelly                                            1 orange, zest and juice
85g/3oz strawberries, hulled and sliced                      85g/3oz blueberries
85g/3oz raspberries                                                        Half fat Aerosol Cream

Make up jelly as directed. Layer half of the fruit into four individual dishes. Pour over sufficient of the jelly to just cover the fruit. Place in fridge and chill until the jelly is slightly set. Top with the rest of the fruit and the remaining jelly chilling again until completely set. Serve topped with a portion of aerosol cream and decorate with a few berries.

Summer Fruit Toasted Crumpet
Serves 1 – approx. 250 cals

Mix together 56g/2oz each chopped raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Stir in 2tablespoons reduced fat fromage frais or yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. Spoon over a large toasted Warburtons crumpet and serve with a scoop of Walls Light ice cream.   

Fruit and Marshmallow Kebabs
Approx 100 cals per kebab

Thread your favourite fruit onto skewers with a couple of sugar free marshmallows. Delicious as a sweet dessert as they are or served with any of your favourite ice cream.  These are also popular cooked on the BBQ or popped under the grill for a few minutes until the marshmallow starts to soften.

Frozen Yogurts
Divide a yogurt between 6 shot glasses and pop in a cocktail stick. Freeze and you can enjoy a low fat frozen yogurt ice. (Run quickly under the cold tap to release from the glass.) The mint with chocolate sprinkles is like having mint choc chip ice cream but only 15 calories each.  Muller light coconut or Lidl papaya and coconut are also really tasty.

Knickerbocker Glory
Serves 4 – approx 100 cals per serving

Make up 1 pint of sugar free jelly and divide between 4 tall glasses leaving to set. Drain a small can of fruit cocktail in natural juices and spoon over the jelly. Place a scoop of light ice cream on top of each dessert and a swirl of aerosol cream. Serve immediately.

Have fun!
Marie x

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