I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and made sure you didn’t indulge too much on those chocolate eggs. Now we need to focus on our Healthy Eating Plan coming up to summer as we all want to get back into that special outfit we bought that just doesn’t quite fit anymore.

I’m delighted to say that we’ve had some great weight losses in class. Elaine and Eira in the Garw class have both lost 2 and a half stone since January. And Jessica has lost one and a half stone. Well done ladies. It’s good too that we are continuing to meet in Blaengarw RFC and so pleased that they’re staying open.

The Bridgend classes have been doing well too. A particular shout out to Lisa from the Caeffatri Friday morning class who has lost over 3 stone – congratulations, you’re an inspiration to everyone.

I’m sure you are all looking forward to a slim summer. Always remember to have your Healthy Eating Plan with you at all times. It’ll help you to keep focused and give you ideas from the vast range of recipes in the book. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

And if you’re struggling or thinking about coming to class, do you know, you can melt away up to a stone by the time the children break up for the summer holidays! Now isn’t that a great incentive. Imagine how you’d feel fitting into all those lovely summer clothes that are sitting in your wardrobe…or even better popping into the shops to get something new!

There’s no special app, no complicated tracking, no counting calories – the secret to a steady and achievable weight loss is the Slimtone Lifestyle Plan

The Slimtone Lifestyle Plan has been specially designed to provide you with a sensible, nutritious diet that is tailored for all the family. To make it really easy why not start with Plan 1 on page 70. This is a G.I. Jumpstart Plan – the meals provide slow release energy to satisfy your appetite for a longer period, preventing those dreaded hunger pangs so you won’t be looking for a quick fix snack.

Make sure you are drinking enough water too. Drinking water is an essential part of your Lifestyle Plan. It really is important that you drink 6-8 glasses of water every day – that’s around 2 litres. Add a slice of lemon, lime, fresh orange or a splash of lemon juice to enhance the flavour, but keep an eye on how much you drink.

You get a Food Diary to keep track of what you’re doing – use it to write down everything you eat. It’s all too easy to “forget” that little biscuit or square of chocolate. Remember “if you bite it, write it!”

Exercise is important too – and it doesn’t have to be a hard slog, make it FUN. Maybe you like doing Zumba or Pilates or have been inspired by Strictly and fancy having a go at dancing. Find something that suits you. And now that the sun is out, it’s much easier to go out for a brisk walk every day. Start with just 15 minutes around the block and you’ll soon be able to increase the distance and speed – and you’ll feel so much better for it too!  Some of our members have their own personal trainer – with 4 legs and very waggy tails!

Finally, a quick reminder about portion sizes. I think you’ll be amazed at how much difference that “quick guess” makes. Keep your kitchen scales easily to hand. Don’t let portion sizes stop you from being fit and fabulous!

So come on, start your healthy eating plan today and get out your “secret weapon” Slimtone Lifestyle Plan. I know you’ll be pleased when you start to see the difference over this coming week.

And remember to come to class – if you haven’t been able to join us over the past few weeks, I can promise you a warm welcome and lots of support and encouragement.

See you soon,
Marie x