It is just so great to see how much weight members are losing. It really makes my day to hear comments like  “my waist bands are much looser!”, “I can get back into favourite jeans!”, and “I’m not out-of-breath anymore!” The smiles on those faces tell a story too!

There’s always lots of encouragement from the other members too – we love sharing your success. One long-standing member, who has lost over 2½ stone is Julie in our Bridgend morning class. Julie regularly shares recipes, ideas and tips on our Slimtone Facebook page. Here’s what she has to say:

“My journey with Slimtone began many years ago when I had just had my first baby – I weighed in at 15 stone.

“I got on with the plan and, with Marie’s help, I was guided through my first stone weight loss. Over the moon with the result, I lost a further 2 stone.

“Although I’ve had many health and mobility issues over the last few years, I am still just under 12 stone 6 lb. And yes, things get harder with age and my mobility is slower, however I always aim to take it slow. Losing a pound a week now is great for me – that way it will stay off. I keep to the plan and even as life changes, I just get back to it. I have never gone back to that first starting weight of 15st!

“My all-time top tip is the soups and stews; in fact I don’t go a week without making a batch to freeze. They are my go-to snack meal and warm me up on a cold chilly day.

“The Chilli Beef Soup is one of my favourites out of the Slimtone Soup Book – served with crusty French bread, it is amazing.

I use lean stir-fry strips of beef rather than mince and I add 2 carrots cut into cubes. I also roast the veg in the oven for 35 minutes before adding them to the pot.

It really is delicious and really filling too.

“Slimtone will always be a part of my daily life. It has changed my way of thinking – on what I buy, as well as how I make and cook things. I highly recommend this plan, it’s healthy eating.

Thanks Marie for all your help.”

Thank you, Julie, for all your great ideas. I’m sure this soup recipe will inspire others to try something different.

If you need some motivation or have hit a plateau, why not come along to class this week and meet Julie and other members like her. You can visit whichever class is convenient for you (check them out here) – and yes there is time to lose a stone for Christmas!

See you soon,
Marie x

P.S. During October we’re running a special promotion too. If you are already a Slimtone member, bring along a new member and you will only pay half the class fee for that week. Come on, we’ve all got friends who we know could benefit – help them take that first step.