This week’s blog is a reminder about how we all need to be aware of what we choose to eat over the festive season. With all the hard work put in before Christmas you will want to maintain that positivity. Remember if you choose carefully you’ll begin 2022 with a smile on your face. How great would that be!

So many of our members tell me that cheese is their failing. I love cheese! There are so many different mouth-watering varieties – but we often think the cheese board is one of those things that would be completely off-limit when it comes to losing weight. 

Guess what, it’s good news! Healthy eating doesn’t mean having to give up your favourite cheeses. Cheese contains valuable protein and calcium, and by simply swapping to reduced-fat alternatives, you can still enjoy it as part of your Lifestyle Plan.

Take a look at the calories in your favourites and make sure you choose wisely.

So choose your cheese with care and watch your portion sizes, but enjoy! And why not get creative with your cheeseboard. Instead of putting a block of cheese and a whole packet of biscuits, try cutting the cheese into small cubes and pop it on a bed of salad leaves, add some olives, cherry tomatoes and those small cheese biscuits – not only does it look very effective, it also helps to keep temptation at bay!

Marie x