Between them Sam, Natalie, Jenny, Becca, Debbie and Sharon have lost over 17 stone!

These six ladies with very busy lives all agree that losing weight with Slimtone has been easy. Tasty recipes, an easy-to-follow plan and great support in classes both from Marie and the other members.

Office worker Sam has lost almost 2 stone. “I put on so much weight during lockdown and had a wardrobe of clothes that didn’t fit! I knew I had to get my life back on track and Slimtone was the answer. Not only do I feel so much better, I can eat whatever I want, have a really nutritious diet and get all the vitamins and goodness I need.”

Natalie has lost 5 stone since May 2021. “I’m thrilled with my weight loss and felt so great at my daughter’s wedding recently. I’ve got so much more confidence; I love swimming, walking, and doing just about everything! The only problem is, I don’t have any money as I keep spending it on fabulous clothes!”

Jenny has lost almost 4 stone since the beginning of this year. “I was so down after the pandemic, very anxious and wary of everything. Now things are very different. I’ve made so many friends in my Slimtone class, I love it. I like quite plain food and love my cooked dinners. The Slimtone Lifestyle Plan really suits me – it fits in with my lifestyle and works a treat!”

Becca is a teaching assistant and has lost 2½ stone since January. “When I looked at family photos from last Christmas I was amazed at how much weight I’d put on. I went along to Slimtone with my Mum and it just works for me. I’m never hungry and look forward to my meals. I’ve got more confidence and can wear anything I want. Now instead of hiding from the camera, it’s me saying ‘shall we have a photo!’”

Becca’s Mum Debbie has lost almost 2 stone since January too. “Going back to work after lockdown was hard – nothing fitted! The support from the class is great – we’re all in the same boat and everyone is open and always has tips and ideas to share.”

Sharon, a member of the Garw class, has lost 3 stone since joining Slimtone after the pandemic and is delighted. “Everyone in class is so friendly and supportive. They said such lovely things when I had my 3 stone loss certificate. Marie said I was an inspiration to the class, but it is Marie who is an inspiration to us all. Thank you Marie.”

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