I’m looking forward to our Slimtone classes starting next week. Let’s start as we mean to go on.
2022 was a great year for Slimtone. As well as our 40th anniversary, 24 years online success and my own big birthday, we had terrific weight losses in all our classes. I’m sure we will be just as successful in 2023.

Here are some of our stand-out successes!

Between them Sam, Natalie, Jenny, Becca, Debbie, Pam, Emma and Sharyn have lost over 26 stone!
These are eight very different ladies with very different but busy lives. They all agree that losing weight with Slimtone has been easy. Tasty recipes, an easy-to-follow plan and great support in classes with my weekly talks and hints and tips from the other members.

Sharyn in the Garw class has lost over 3 stone in the last 12 months. “Marie is an inspiration and so helpful. Not only have I lost over 3 stone, but I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes too and feel so much better health-wise.”

Natalie has lost more than 5 stone since May 2021. “I’m thrilled with my weight loss and felt so great at my daughter’s wedding in 2022. I’ve got so much more confidence; I love swimming, walking, and doing just about everything! The only problem is, I don’t have any money as I keep spending it on fabulous clothes!”

Jenny has lost almost 4 stone since the beginning of 2022. “I was so down after the pandemic, very anxious and wary of everything. Now things are very different. I’ve made so many friends in my Slimtone class, I love it. I like quite plain food and love my cooked dinners. The Slimtone Lifestyle Plan really suits me – it fits in with my lifestyle and works a treat!”

Becca, a teaching assistant, and her Mum, Debbie, have lost over 6 stone between them since January 2022! Becca says, “When I looked at family photos from Christmas 12 months ago, I was amazed at how much weight I’d put on. I went along to Slimtone with my Mum and it just works for me. I’m never hungry and look forward to my meals. I’ve got more confidence and can wear anything I want. This year’s Christmas photos look great and neither of us will be hiding from the camera anymore!”

Pam, a retired lady living on her own, thought of herself as a typical yoyo dieter – losing a few pounds and then putting it (and more) back on, only to go around the same cycle again and again. I’m so glad I joined Slimtone. I’ve come to class every week and have had a steady weight loss of around 1 pound a week. That may not sound like much, but over a year I’ve lost 4 stone! I’m so pleased. I love clothes and it’s nice to be able to fit into things and feel good. It’s also helped with my health – my back and hip are so much better and my diabetes is now in reverse which is a huge incentive to keep going.”

I hope you find these stories as inspiring as I do. Well done to everyone, it is a fantastic achievement. You can read more about each of these ladies and their success stories here – we’re always adding more.

Wouldn’t it be great if YOU were featured in one our future posts during 2023!

If you have been missing classes recently why don’t you come along next week and be inspired. You’ll be surprised at what you can eat on our Slimtone Heathy eating plan. Next week we will be sharing some our member’s great recipe ideas which are all family, as well as pocket-friendly!

And if you’ve never been to class before but want to get back into those clothes lurking at the back of your wardrobe, why not come along next week – you’ll be glad you did. There are classes all over the Bridgend area, check out what’s most convenient for you here.

 [If you don’t live in the area, try one of our online packages and join hundreds of people who’ve lost weight online with Slimtone.]

There’s always a warm welcome, as well as lots of fun and laughter!
See you soon,
Marie x