We’ve had some great success stories over the last 12 months, although taking that first step to come along to a Slimtone class can be quite daunting. Here’s what some of our members have to say.

Jenny has lost over 3 stone in the last year and is so pleased with her success. “I’d really lost confidence during lockdown and afterwards. I was very down and anxious all the time. I was worried about coming along to class and not knowing anyone – in fact my daughter came with me the first few times.

“I needn’t have worried – even from that first night things changed. I was made to feel very welcome, joined a great group of people and have made some wonderful friends… and lost weight!”

Nicola is another Slimtone success story. “I have a very busy job and was doing a lot of travelling which meant that I was grabbing food whenever I could and the weight was piling on. I joined a Slimtone class near me and have never looked back! Instead of coming home from work and collapsing onto the settee, I went along to class and met some fantastic people. My social life has changed so much and I’m always out now!!

Becca says, “It’s easy to sit in the house and feel sorry for yourself and just eat! Now I focus on Tuesdays and going along to class. It’s great to catch up with everyone. We’re all ages and have different lifestyles, but enjoy chatting and having a laugh!”

Sue lost over 2 stone three years ago and has kept it off since then. She says that sometimes she hears people say that they can’t go to a slimming class because they’re “too big”. As Sue says, “Well, that’s how we all started off and now look at us! Marie is so easy to talk to and everyone in class is so supportive. It’s such a lovely atmosphere.”

Sue also says, “It’s really important to stay after you’ve weighed and listen to the talk. As well as the fantastic information that Marie gives us, everyone shares their ideas. We’re always telling each other about the offers that are on in the different supermarkets – it’s great!”

Nigel, a long-time member of Slimtone, sums it up. “I looked just like an Oompa Loompa when I first came along – and that’s never going to happen again! It’s easy to make excuses, we’ve all done it. I’m sure you’ve told yourself the same thing “No point starting this week, I’m going to a party” or “I’m going out for a Chinese” or “I’ll start on Monday”……but Monday never comes! It doesn’t matter what the excuse is, it’s just that, an excuse not to get started. And what happens then….you’ve put on another stone before you know it. The secret is to jump straight in and walk in through that door. Get talking to other class members – we learn from each other every week. We’re always laughing. Slimtone is fun, friendly and fantastic – come and join us!”

If you’ve been putting it off and letting those excuses get in the way, now is the time to take that first step and come along to one of our classes, you’ll be glad you did. There are classes all over the Bridgend area, check out what’s most convenient for you here. 

And if you don’t live in the area, try one of our online packages and join hundreds of people who’ve lost weight online with Slimtone.

You can read more about all our success stories here. 

See you soon,
Marie x